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The reservation process is seamless with My Guide Connect, our efficient admin system that grants you access to all your reservations. Take charge of your real-time availability, effortlessly creating bookable time slots and mark them as sold out during busy periods.

With our Floorplanner tool, you can easily design a floor plan for your restaurant, complete with distinct areas, and conveniently assign reservations to specific tables. Enjoy complete control over your reservation management process, all within the convenience of our comprehensive platform.

Virtual Business Card (vCard)

Enhance your restaurant's online presence with our customizable virtual business card. Share a single link across all your social platforms and advertising channels, streamlining the booking process for your customers.

By simply clicking the "Book Now" link, reservations can be easily made, offering a seamless and convenient experience. Expand your reach and maximize your restaurant's accessibility with our user-friendly virtual business card solution.

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You can also promote your restaurant with confidence on the My Guide Network, the trusted global network of over 120 websites globally. Since 2016, we have been committed to helping people research, plan, and book their most thrilling trips around the world.

Our award-winning online travel resource is driven by a diverse community of local experts, ensuring firsthand knowledge and trusted recommendations for our customers.

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